Bible Insights

I Peter 1:13-25

Called to be Holy

Therefore --- because we have the lively hope described in 1:1-12 we should:

1. Prepare our minds for action

2. Be sober-minded (we don’t let our minds be captivated by destructive thoughts.)

3. Set our hope on grace through Christ

Our role? As obedient children:

1. To serve Christ and not our flesh

2. Be holy like Him in ALL our conduct

Why? We will be judged by our Father

*Not to be compared to others and their deeds for God. He is impartial and will judge for OUR deeds and motives.

*Out of fear of our Father. Reverence, respect and awe for what He has done for us.

Remember what it took to free us -"the precious blood of Christ"

It (His blood) purifies (cleanses and makes us righteous before God) us for:

1. Sincere brotherly love

2. To love earnestly with pure hearts(not our of false motives – not half heartedly.)

We are born again by an imperishable seed (Jesus) through the LIVING and ABIDING Word of God. This is why we should long for it and be in it.

He quotes Isaiah 40:6-8 “Flesh and earth will pass but the Word of the Lord remains forever.” This Word is the good news of the redemption found in Jesus Christ and His death, burial, and resurrection. What a comfort that should be for us!!

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