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Reflections on Grace: Reader Testimonials

In one of my newsletter issues, I asked my readers for responses to these two questions:

1. How do you define grace in your own words?

2. What is an example of God’s grace in your own life?

I would like to share some of these answers with you as a source of blessing and encouragement to all who will read these testimonies. It strengthens us to witness God working in and through other believers. Our testimonies matter, and I don’t believe we share them enough. So here is the first of several that I will be publishing over the coming weeks.

Submission by Cheryl Balcom, author of Winds of Grace.

“I have thought a lot about grace over the last two years. What I realized is that the same grace that saves us, that free gift of salvation, is the same grace that sustains us through all of life, by giving us an eternal perspective no matter what season we are in. 

I would like to answer your two questions like this: 

I believe grace is a free gift of mercy, wholly undeserved. Not only does it mean the debt of my sin has been paid, but lavish gifts have been given to me above and beyond that; sustaining gifts like strength, joy, peace, and hope. 

God’s grace in my daily life shows up in His Word. The Scriptures are a gracious gift He has given us, so that we may know Him and His great love for us. Knowing His words are true, and that darkness cannot overcome the light, gives me fresh strength for each day.”

Visit Cheryl’s website here to read more about her writing ministry.

Week 2

This week’s personal testimony of God’s grace in her life comes from Krista Hewlett, founder of ‘Our Story Magazine‘. Krista is a sweet, hard-working, woman of faith who desires to help women use their voices and talents to glorify God and encourage others in faith and love. It has been an honor to not only write for her magazine but to call her friend.

Here are her responses:

1. How do you define grace in your own words?

I would define grace as unmerited love and favor so profound that it compels us to live more compassionately, humbly, and freely as we extend grace to others – a gift designed to keep on giving. 

2. What is an example of God’s grace in your own life?

A reminder of God’s daily grace to me is the good men in my life (my husband and stepfather to our son, my own stepfather, and my father-in-law). Their “adopted” relationship with me and my son, and their unconditional love, reminds me daily of God’s grace that reached out, redeemed me, and called me beloved. 

To all those in Rome who are loved by God and called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Romans 1:7

You can follow her business account on Instagram @ourstory.magazine or Facebook @ourstory.magazine. She also has a personal blog

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Week 3

Today’s testimony on God’s grace comes from subscriber, Carol Levergood. She is a writer, painter, former missionary to Brazil, and my aunt. 🙂 Carol has used her hardships and talents to share the good news of Christ through a jewelry ministry called, Broken Made Beautiful. She testifies to the fact that God can take our stories, as messy as they are, and use them all for His glory as we surrender our hearts to Him.

Here are her responses to the two questions on grace:

“Grace! For years I couldn’t put into words just what grace meant. However, I knew it in my heart. I knew it in my soul’s lightness of guilt, as I felt the fullness of God’s love for me.

God didn’t pour His wrath out on me nor give me what I truly deserved. We often think everything negative we go through is God’s anger, or His inability to accept us, but in reality, it is just the opposite. He gave me second, third and fourth chances that only a loving and forgiving God could. That is true love.

The truth, ‘His Grace is sufficient’ (2 Cor. 12:9), held me together like glue, even better than Gorilla Glue. Even during a mental health breakdown while a missionary in Brazil. 

James 4:6 says He gives us more grace as we humble ourselves before Him. This means accepting without doubt that He is God. If I have asked Him to use me, then I must let Him work in the deepest corners of my heart even when I don’t understand it all. 

Fully submitting myself to God as His instrument was what I wanted. Through drawing nigh to Him and His Word, staying close, and letting the Holy Spirit do the healing and comforting, the second chance came, transforming me to be more like Him.

I must learn that He gave of Himself first.

When I failed big time, God promised He would be with me through it all. After my breakdown, it took about 4 years before my mind & body felt whole again. He took my hand and walked slowly through the healing process with me. This is grace.

I love my morning walks with Him, and so many conversations throughout the day. That is grace, and I love Him more and more for giving us His Son Jesus. His Grace is sufficient!

You can follow Carol on her Facebook page or email her for more information about her writing and jewelry ministries.

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