New Book! Grace: Reflections of a Heart Set on God

By: Terri Prahl

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A note from author, Terri Prahl:

“The older I get, the more aware I become of the kindness of God in my life. I often think to myself how in the world I am where I am today, and it is only because of God’s grace that I am not a complete mess. I say “complete” because I have my struggles the same as everyone. There are parts of me still needing to be refined, pruned, and even put to death. This knowledge directs me to embrace the grace and mystery of knowing Christ. He alone makes something beautiful out of our messes as we surrender our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls to Him.

My mind has been steeped in meditating on the graciousness of God this past year, culminating in this book, Grace: Reflections of a Heart Set on God. It is a 30-day look at the many ways God reveals Himself to us in our humanity and prepares us for our full eternal inheritance. We will look at how all the attributes of God are good gifts to us even when we don’t understand how. Many of us fail to give God glory for His timing, His wrath, or His sovereignty as they feel negative things to us. But, if He is perfectly holy and good, then these things are holy and good as well. Anything holy and good is going to benefit us personally as we walk with God. I believe our greatest battles begin within as we wrestle to comprehend these realities.

If we know Christ, we have experienced the fullness of love as adopted sons and daughters of God. To know Him is to know grace, because He is the definition of love. As we think on these things, we begin to grow in appreciation for who God is and what He has done. I pray this book helps in that aim.”

How does Scripture define grace? What does it mean for a Christ-follower to “grow in the grace and knowledge of God?” If God is good in all His ways, how is His wrath a grace to us? What does the acronym, ‘God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense’, practically mean for a believer?

In this devotional-style compilation of daily readings, author, Terri Prahl, shares her reflections on a foundational aspect of the Gospel: God’s grace. With 30 entries, she explores the biblical definitions of grace and invites the reader to think deeply about the beauty of who God is and the gifts He gives to His children. Through thought-provoking questions and journaling pages, she guides the reader to meditate on biblical truths and the kind character of God.

Terri Prahl writes to encourage her brothers and sisters in Christ to expand their appreciation for God’s gracious character, spurring them on toward love and good works.

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To know God is to know grace.

I invite you to spend 30 days reflecting on the beauty of God’s grace as revealed in Scripture. Together, we will deepen our understanding of our spiritual inheritance, growing gratitude for the often-over-looked ways Christ pours out His favor on us as His beloved.

May our faith be challenged, our character refined, and our love magnified as we spend this time drawing near to the heart of God.

Chapter topics:

1. Grace in Contentment
2. Grace in God’s Design for Community
3. Grace of Time
4. Grace for the Journey
5. Grace to Persevere
6. Grace in Sovereignty
7. Grace of Presence
8. Grace of Protection
9. Grace of Scripture
10. Grace of Truth
11. Grace of Giving
12. Grace of Words
13. Grace of Rest
14. Grace of Hope
15. Grace of His Yoke
16. Grace of Mercy
17. Grace of Wonder
18. Grace to Weather the Storms
19. Grace for Discouraged Hearts
20. Grace in the Wait
21. Grace of Renewal
22. Grace of Worship
23. Grace in Spiritual Tension
24. Grace in the Faithful Love of God
25. Grace of Perspective
26. Grace of God’s Wrath
27. Grace of Prayer
28. Grace of Spiritual Gifts
29. Grace in Surrender
30. Grace in Service

Book specs:
138 pages
Black and white interior
Lined journaling space

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