The Unfolding: A Monthly Newsletter for Community Members

What does it contain?

  • Fresh, exclusive content not shared on social media.
  • Personal lessons/stories on how my faith is lived in the day to day.
  • Links to recent blog posts for your own growth and learning.
  • Favorite resources for encouraging your walk in the Lord. (Music, podcasts, books, etc.)
  • Service opportunity awareness for putting feet to our beliefs.
  • First-hand looks at upcoming projects, books, and giveaways.
  • A sense of togetherness that strengthens one another to persevere.
  • Free printables and studies, always accessible in the member archive.
  • Access to my email where you can ask spiritual questions, seek prayer, and encourage one another with truth and grace!

When Does it Go Out?

The Unfolding is sent out on the last Saturday of each month at 8 am CST. Enjoy reading over the weekend for a dose of encouragement to start the new month! It’s a great way to save links to content to visit at your own pace.

Why ‘The Unfolding’?

I spend a lot of time creating free content for the members of this faith community, because I feel like God has asked me to teach biblical truth, encourage believers toward hope, and draw the weary back to the beauty of the Church. It’s an act of faithfulness to use my specific gifts for God and others. As we seek the things of God, the Spirit unfolds truths so that we may walk in the light of them.

***As a gift for stopping by, please download this free resource on holding tight to hope. There are dozens of other free downloadable studies and helps in the member archive to those who subscribe.

I would be honored to serve you and get to know you through this community. Sign up here!

Blessings – Terri Prahl.

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