Hello! My name is Terri Prahl, and I am glad that you visited my site. My tag line, ‘The unfolding of truth brings light’ sums up the purpose of this blog. It comes from Psalm 119:130, one of my favorite passages of Scripture. As we read, study, meditate on, and grapple to understand the words of Jesus, our minds are transformed and our eyes are opened to who He really is and who we are in Him.

Who I am.

I am an ordinary girl. I love God and desire to grow closer to Him every day. I want to encourage other ordinary people searching for more to look for the answers within the pages of Scripture. It amazes me how spending time there every day reshapes my thinking and brings me clarity and peace.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, it is not always easy to live in this place of waiting; in the tensions between an earthly existence and a heavenly promise. God’s Word reveals truth that illuminates the darkness we live in. It is our lifeline for living well from this life to the next. Helping others to unfold truth and live in the light of Christ in practical ways is my joy. I want to use this space to serve my readers well.

Our common struggle.

It’s been hard for me at times to not compartmentalize life and faith; I suspect others have the same issue. Church was one thing; school another; home another. Growing up I felt disjointed and couldn’t see how to merge all these parts of my life together. Jesus was an abstract concept and living in the flesh and the spirit baffled me. It has taken many years sitting with Jesus and reading His words to begin to see how both truths are lived out through His power and Spirit. It’s not a balancing act; it’s a full surrender.

Jesus walked this earth as a human and yet fully God. I can’t comprehend that, but I believe it to be true. My faith should change me into becoming more and more similar to the God who created me and His son who died to redeem me. Our earthly perspectives should be challenged to align with the truths of God’s character and holy words. And our flesh should converge with the Spirit and let it guide our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. It’s an ongoing process, and I invite you to join me on the journey.

What you will find here.

I have always processed life by writing, thinking, reading, and more writing, so this seems like a natural place to store all my thoughts. I want to share things that are life-giving and bring light to the darkness of our present world. If you find something encouraging in this space, I am humbled by that and would love for you to interact with me through comments. But most of all, I hope that anything shared here will bring honor and glory to my Savior and point people to seek a true, transforming relationship with God through His son, Jesus. You will hear a lot about Him here. 🙂

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