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7 Ways to Spark Vision in Your Writing Life

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Do you consider yourself a visionary? defines a visionary as a person who thinks about or plans for the future with imagination or wisdom.

I don’t know about you, but it is not easy to consistently and frequently create new and exciting content for my readers. It can feel exhausting when there is nothing new under the sun!

However, there are a few methods I use to spark vision when I feel stuck in a creative rut.

  • I discover a new author to read and learn to view a topic from a fresh perspective.
  • I look at a familiar passage and spend time studying each individual word in the Strong’s concordance, looking for nuances of language often overlooked. I love to use for this.
  • I compare current works on a topic with those of classic writers and theologians, looking for ways that culture informs these ideas.
  • I set aside time to read articles in current magazines to see what is forefront in people’s minds.
  • I give myself space to think – whether by walking without headphones, sitting outside to stare at the sky, or baking in a quiet kitchen.
  • I take a day off when I can to simply enjoy a new adventure. New scenery recharges my imagination.
  • I pray for fresh vision! He is faithful.

With Christ, we can seek wisdom and live in the light of His glory. He is the source of abundant, living words.

– Terri prahl

Life is only as stale as we allow it to be. How we live is reflected in the words we write, the podcasts we record, and the creativity we use to communicate the gospel message. With Christ, we can seek wisdom and live in the light of His glory. He is the source of abundant, living words.

What do you do to create vision in your writing life? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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  • Mindy

    Thanks so much for sharing! These are great ideas! Journaling my time with Jesus is my go to and a quick hike in nature helps, too! May God continue to pour inspiration into your heart as you continue to share on paper!
    Blessings, my sweet sister! 💗

  • Barbara Harper

    Good ideas! I keep a running list on the Notes app on my phone when an idea comes to mind for a future blog post. Sometimes something from my Bible reading sparks further thought, or something I’ve read osmewhere else. When I’m stuck for ideas, I run through that list and see if anything clicks.

    • terriprahl

      I need to use my notes app. I always send myself Facebook messenger notes if I need to store an idea quickly. I look through there often. Us, I can print those all if I want at some point. Thank you for the comment! ♥️

  • Lisa Blair

    Great ideas, Terri! I read favorite authors, enjoy nature and jot down notes when my creativity is flowing for future reference, but I appreciate the idea of looking at a new author or current magazines for fresh ideas.

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