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How to Find the Grace of Humor in Heavy Times

A few years ago, after my grandparents had moved into an assisted living facility, my grandfather was diagnosed with throat cancer. Being ninety and dealing with serious health issues, he couldn’t pursue a treatment plan. My sweet yet spunky grandfather quickly began to lose his energy and zest for life. It was heartbreaking to witness. Yet through it all, he never lost his faith and ability to smile and laugh at life.

As my grandparents’ health declined, nearby family rallied to take care of their needs. On one of my visits, I realized they had not eaten because they were too tired to walk to the dining hall, despite their great love for being with people. So, I picked up a few of their favorites from Steak-n-Shake, about which they were excited.

After situating them with television trays in front of their chairs and dispersing the food, Grandpa, being true to his character, bowed his head to give thanks to God before eating.

I waited quietly.

After a few minutes, I peeked to find his head still bowed.

I waited…

To read the rest of my story and the lesson my grandfather taught me that day, click here. This article was first published as part of the Begin Within: A Gratitude Series by Twyla Franz at The Uncommon Normal on August 18, 2022.

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