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21 Rhythm Resets for Increased Creativity and Renewed Minds

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It is no surprise that humans are creatures of habit. Routines ground us in healthy ways, but they can also become predictable, fostering complacency. There are times when our regular habits hinder creativity, stymie growth, and keep us from dreaming God-sized dreams.

It could be as simple as being unable to decide what you are going to read next, because you are stuck in one niche, unaware of how interesting a small risk could be. Infusing an occasional rhythm reset may help unlock a fresh perspective, remove a long-standing hindrance, or allow room for something beautiful to emerge.

Gaining Fresh Perspective

I have a booth at a local antique mall where I repurpose and sell used and vintage items. There are slow months where sales taper off, and I have to think creatively. To help increase the likelihood that repeat customers will stop to browse my booth and hopefully buy, I often remove some of the items and rearrange them in the space. Depending on which direction someone approaches my booth, they could gain a new perspective. And each time I am purposeful to do this, my sales pick up.

Our eyes can only take in so much at one time. Especially with a quick pass through. So, when we change the line of sight, it reveals things we might not have seen before. This is true to so many areas of our lives. Rhythm resets change our perspective, and in turn, we see new things that spark greater creativity and enthusiasm for the world around us.

7 Rhythm Resets for Greater Creativity

  1. Talk to someone new. New conversation leads to wider perspectives. If you can’t leave home, you can follow someone on social media and spark a conversation to a post or join a group that interests you.
  2. Browse a new and unfamiliar section of a bookstore or library. Find something that intrigues you and read just for curiosity’s sake.
  3. Redeem something old. Breathe new life into an old piece of writing, paint a dingy wall, or repurpose an old piece of clothing.
  4. If you write, interview someone in your target audience demographics about your ideas and just listen to the response.
  5. Watch a how-to type show and be inspired by the ingenuity and creativity of the crafter. I watched a few shows on the Magnolia network the other night and seeing people creating beautiful things through hard work inspired me. I may never do those things, but I was fueled by their passion for creating beauty in the world.
  6. Rearrange a space you use a lot in your home to give you a new perspective. Retire anything that feels stale or burdensome.
  7. Go out to eat and find something new to order. Sparking our senses through our taste buds can increase our creativity.

7 Spiritual Rhythm Resets

  1. Switch Bible versions for a day or a week. Read it in conjunction with your normal choice and see what stands out to you.
  2. Listen to a sermon from someone other than your local pastor from time to time. There are so many great men and women sharing the truth of Scripture through podcasts, books, and videos. Gain a wider understanding of the Church as a whole.
  3. Switch up the form you are using to read and study Scripture. Moving from a paper copy to an app or from an app to paper can reset our minds in small ways. It may help remove distractions or allow greater accessibility.
  4. Listen to an audio version of the same passage you are reading. Something in the way they inflect or pause may stick out to you.
  5. Search for new music. There are so many people creating God-honoring music out there. Add a new song or two to your playlist.
  6. Read a theology book – just make sure it is biblically sound – ask a pastor or teacher if you are unsure. A challenge is good!
  7. Try to write one thing you have read in Scripture this week out in your own words.

7 Mental Rhythm Resets

  1. Move your body. Whether it is walking from one side of the house to another, strumming a guitar, or riding your bike down the street, moving your body is a healthy way to reset the rhythms of your mind and clear the cobwebs.
  2. Before your feet hit the floor, take a breath, thank God for a new day, and ask him to give you the strength you need for whatever comes.
  3. Take a break. Maybe even take a nap. 🙂
  4. If you are struggling with some hard thoughts, find something simple to read such as a magazine article, short devotion, or a Psalm.
  5. Before you remove your feet from the floor and fall into bed, be intentional to thank God for living another day. See how many things you can praise Him for.
  6. Look for the helpers, as Mister Rogers would say. When you are overwhelmed by discouraging news, look to find the good overcoming evil. It’s there.
  7. Take pleasure in something that God has created. Eat something delicious, hug someone you love, look at nature around you, or remember how good God is.

What would you add to this rhythm reset list? I would love to hear from you.

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