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Gifting Humility this Christmas Season

I woke up this morning thinking on true humility. I think the Spirit was working on me even as I slept. I love when that happens.

What a fitting lesson for this Christmas season where we claim to exalt Jesus above all else and dwell on how He came in humility as a baby and lived as a servant until He went to the cross. He humbled Himself to the point of humiliation and death. And we are the reason.

And yet, this season, most are frantic. Many are stressed. Multitudes are hurting and lonely. This is my tendency, too. But God, being so gracious, wakes me up with a reminder that humility seeks to serve. It’s a reminder to “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ…”

What does it look like to have His mind of humility? How do our celebrations point to this truth?

  • Would humility try to prove love by racking up credit cards and spending more than it has? Humility seeks wisdom.
  • Would humility covet what others receive? Humility rejoices with those who rejoice and finds joy in giving.
  • Would humility fuss about silly traditions that no longer give life to the participants? Humility loves and serves people more than traditions.
  • Would humility be so busy it can’t stop to serve? Jesus Himself gave us the answer to this. Abide and seek the better thing.
  • Would humility pout when it doesn’t receive that ‘perfect gift’? Humility would give thanks in all things.
  • Would humility grow irritable? Would it forget the truth of what Christ has done? For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross. He did that out of humility and love for us.

I am thankful for Christmas and the remembrance it brings. I am thankful for the hope it promises that I desperately cling to. It reminds me that I can find joy this year even as I still grieve my mom’s absence. Because of Jesus, I will celebrate with her again.

I can serve others today and find peace in the chaos of worldly traditions. I can give expecting nothing in return and just enjoy life. Because life is precious. 2020 has shown us that in tremendous ways, hasn’t it? I believe we should give thanks for every moment of life, even if it looks different than we wanted or expected. It is a gift from God.

Humility puts it all in perspective.

Want a ‘perfect’ Christmas? Abide in Christ. Think like Christ, and be looking for ways to serve like Christ. He was born in an undecorated, unglamorous stable full of stinky animals. It was simple, and yet He came.

He exhibited humility from beginning to end, and His humility led to our salvation.

What a joy we could know if we thought this was enough.

May we be His humble servants of grace, always.

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