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Thank you for inquiring about being a guest contributor to my fall series called, Wrestling Through. Please read carefully through the guidelines before submitting your Microsoft Word or Google doc file using the select file button. Don’t forget to hit “upload file” after all fields are filled out.

  • Submission must be between 500 – 800 words.
  • Use small paragraphs with headings where appropriate.
  • All Scripture should be ESV translation for consistency for readers.
  • Please edit your documents carefully before submission. I will reserve the right to make small edits to chosen submissions and will let the author know if it is more than spelling or grammar errors.
  • Please make sure to make your piece relatable but also Scripture centered. Avoid lecturing.
  • Capitalize pronouns for God.
  • Please stick to the topic to be considered for submission.
  • Submit a photo and a 2-3 sentence bio with your document. Include your contact/social media links. This information will be used in my monthly newsletters to promote your blog post submissions.
  • Guest writers are asked to only share the first paragraph or so on their own platforms for 30 days after the post goes live. You can share a portion of your article with a link back to my blog until the 30 days is over and the next guest post is shared. Then you may use the article however you wish. It would be nice to include that it was first published as part of a series at on your site. Sharing on all your platforms is good for all of us. 🙂 Also, responding to comments on my social platforms during that 30 day period helps people want to engage with you on yours.
  • I will choose the graphics for the blog series and send them out the week before each post to begin sharing.

Topic: How to hold tight to hope when you are tempted to lose heart. Seeking to grow an authentic faith through a persistent pursuit of God.

I want the readers to learn to wrestle well through the hard, showing how an authentic search for God grows us through the tension of where we are and where we need to be. To reveal the purpose of spiritual wresting. What does that look like in our everyday lives. And how does the wrestling lead us to His rest.

People relate to our authentic stories and areas of struggle, so we want to include that. But, we want them to leave with how to grow through the hard and point people to Christ, so please leave them with a practical step that helped you in your journey and a sense of hope that growth is possible even if the circumstance are not.

Thank you for submitting! I look forward to working with you and encouraging believers to make every effort in their spiritual walk with God.

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