Bible Insights

As I have been reading through the Bible in chronological order since June, I have decided to gather all of my notes from the passages I am reading through as I highlight things that stick out to me. I am reading in the Olive Tree app. As I read each morning, I highlight things that confuse me, need more study (words I don’t understand, background information, etc.), or truths that I need to remember and apply.

8.8.20 Mark 6:1-6

In this passage, Jesus returns to his hometown of Nazareth. He goes to the synagogue on the Sabbath and begins to teach. However, they refused to see him as anything but a common boy that had grown up playing with all their kids. They asked how he came to have all of this wisdom, power, and authority. Verse 3 says they “took offense at him”.

It is so sad to see that his own hometown turned on him. They despised when they should have honored. And because of this attitude, Jesus was unable “to do mighty works there”. Verse 6)

Can you imagine what “mighty works” they missed out on due to their unbelief? I loved how Jesus responded…he went on teaching. Some may reject the truth, but we keep on teaching and sharing.

Book of Ruth

My yearly Bible reading plan had me in Ruth today, and a couple of cool things jumped out at me.

Naomi and Ruth had suffered great loss. Naomi became bitter and thought God had forsaken her. Ruth believed God. She was a foreigner and a widow, which for a woman in her time was a dire situation. Ruth had witnessed Naomi’s pre-tragedy faith and love for her, and so she stayed and she followed God.

Ruth was known for her integrity and faith in the community (3:11).

Because of Ruth’s strong faith to act in Naomi’s best interest, Naomi’s faith is strengthened and leads her to praise God again. (2:20)

God provides for these two widows. He not only provides but blesses them abundantly. They didn’t sit around waiting. They acted in faith. And they became a part of the lineage of Christ through the line of David.

In verse 3:18, Naomi tells Ruth to be still and rest. They would know if Boaz acted soon enough. They acted in faith and then had to sit and wait. But we don’t have to sit and stew. We sit and rest in the faithfulness and power of God.

I think we have a lot of Naomi’s today. People feeling bitter over the circumstances allowed in their lives. They need a Ruth. Someone to believe God and encourage them to keep believing too. A faithful friend who will walk through the hard toward hope.

I have been Naomi and Ruth. I have fought bitterness over loss and borrowed from the strength of others. Today I hope to be a Ruth for someone who needs it.

You may feel like God has left you, but His promises say that’s impossible. You may be mad at God for experiencing pain in this fallen world, but He is working to redeem everything His children lose. It’s hard to be still and wait for it to be revealed, but it’s coming. Oh friend, it’s coming.

I believe God. I believe God has the power to redeem any and all our situations and to give us peace in the waiting. Will you believe it too?

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