Bible Study Survey

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How long have you been a believer in Jesus Christ?

Do you have a daily practice of reading and meditating on God's Word?

Have you ever read the Bible in its entirety from beginning to end?

Do you have the books of the Bible memorized to locate them with ease?

Do you tend to use devotionals to guide your time with God?

Do you prefer to study a topic over a book of the Bible?

Do you most often read and study through one book like Philippians or search for verses on one subject such as joy?

What is your greatest frustration with reading and studying the Bible?

Do you feel confident in studying God's Word on your own?

Have you ever been taught how to study God's Word on your own?

Do you prefer to use a device or a paper copy of Scripture to read and study the Bible?

Are you male or female?

How often do you use a Bible Study workbook to study Scripture?

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